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First All-Gay Cruise Marred ByDrug Bust

Australia’s first all-gay cruise has been marred by a series of drug busts before the boat left the shore after several people were arrested in Sydney in possession of drugs.

The NaviGAYtion Cruise was scheduled to leave Sydney yesterday afternoon to take off to sea for three days. But not without a bit of drama first.

Police and sniffer dogs inspected all passengers before boarding and five people were detected with drugs on them.

A 38 year-old Surry Hills man was found with 20 tablets and charged with supply, while three others – a 26 year-old from Wantirna in Victoria, 35 year-old from Glenmore, Victoria and a 37 year-old from Darlinghurst – were charged with possession of GHB, speed and LSD. A fifth man, 55 years-old, was cautioned for possessing a gram of cannabis.

The cruise was always going to be targeted, after the recent high-profile operations at Azure and Mardi Gras. Sergeant John Cox from the Marine Area Command said the drug dog operation was launched based on “risk assessment and intelligence”.

“Police will continue to conduct similar operations based on information we gather and we will continue to arrest and charge any person in possession of illicit drugs.”

Compulsory sniffer dogs inspecting all passengers were introduced by P&O on all cruises leaving Australia after the death of passenger Dianne Brimble due to a GHB overdose in September 2002.

Despite the shaky start to the three days of cruising, the virtually sold out NaviGAYtion cruise was still able to leave around 6pm last night.

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Tristianity said on the 30th Mar, 2007

Are people really that stupid?


taylor-dayne said on the 30th Mar, 2007

i'm with kylie - it's hardly surprising, given that BRIMBLE case... jesus, you wouldn't want anything to go wrong out at sea, would you?


jasn_REMOVED said on the 30th Mar, 2007

will probably be a happier cruise now


david_margeaux said on the 30th Mar, 2007

Goes to show how ineffectual the dogs actually are considering the amount of drugs that probably went on the ship anyways...


kylierose said on the 31st Mar, 2007

next time can we have the condom and lube police please? seeing as we need the authorities to be there protecting us from ourselves. and yeah, one, two, miss a few.........


speedsterinjuly said on the 31st Mar, 2007

Well to my knowlede and what I have reported to parliment federal we have to look at alcohol and the drug situation as it is taking its store on the community


meezon04 said on the 2nd Apr, 2007

yeah no shit this was gunna happen. Gays+stuck on a ship for 3 days+fun = hello!


dance_hard said on the 2nd Apr, 2007

just policing for cameras as usual...every action causes a reaction... same thing happened in brisbane man dies at rave party (not from an od, mind you) next week we have "Walk the line" only in front of the TV cams though!!! XD


jedibec said on the 3rd Apr, 2007

i wonder if they get the sniffer dogs out for the normal P&O cruises?????


jnabrams said on the 3rd Apr, 2007

I'm surprised they could sniff out the drugs over all of the colonge, lube, condoms, and other 'equipment'. But I agree with Tristianity, "Are people really that stupid?"