Image for Knife-edge for NSW adoption vote

Knife-edge for NSW adoptionvote

New South Wales Parliament’s debate on adoptions by same-sex couples is tougher than ever as the legislation moves back to the Legislative Assembly, where there remain fears that it will be voted down.

A healthy majority of 22-15 in the Legislative Council voted in favour of the Bill yesterday which would allow same-sex couples to adopt children in the state.

But the debate resulted in two amendments ā€“ one which means that parents have the power to decide that their child not be given to same-sex couples.

Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile suggested the second amendment ā€“ that parents be given more detailed background information about who their child would go to.

Now the legislation moves back to the Lower House, where it passed with a very slim majority of 45-43 last Thursday.

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bads33d said on the 9th Sep, 2010

So let me get this straight: if you're a psychotic, knife-wielding alcoholic drug-addled parent who decides to give up their child (for whatever reason), you can find out details about the caring adoptive parents who actually want to take care of your child?

Sounds dangerous.


Phazz said on the 9th Sep, 2010

These are the same people who want to protect pedo priests from being exposed. They are very dangerous people.


pioneer_to_the_falls said on the 9th Sep, 2010

NSW same-sex adoption bill passed

A BILL giving same-sex couples the right to adopt has been passed by the NSW parliament, after the Legislative Council voted in support of a last-minute amendment to the legislation.

The bill passed its final hurdle in the upper house just after 6.30pm (AEST) today, after MPs backed the lower house amendment.

The amendment, made by Planning Minister Frank Sartor, frees up adoption agencies to act on the wishes of parents regarding where their children are adopted.

It was made to temper changes made in the upper house on Wednesday night, which narrowed an exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Act for faith-based adoption agencies.

MPs have been allowed a conscience vote on the historic legislation, leading to heated debate in both houses of the NSW parliament.

NSW is now the third state or territory to allow same-sex adoption, after the ACT and Western Australia.



Not happy about the amendments though...