Image for Ten dumps TV Bible-basher

Ten dumps TV Bible-basher

A controversial televangelist is now off-air in Australia’s capital cities after he made one anti-gay comment too many.

Pentecostal powerhouse Kenneth Copeland (pictured with his wife) has been a regular God-bothering feature of Network Ten’s overnight infomercial line-up for several years – but the network says it has had to pull the plug on his show Believer’s Voice of Victory after a viewer complained about the host’s homophobia.

“The reason God condemned homosexuality is because of the severe attack it has on the fabric of the blessing, life, all that God created,” said Copeland in an episode broadcast back in June, points out

A guest in the episode, evangelical minister David Barton, agreed with the host: “Not only does God not approve homosexuality, it says he does not approve of those who approve homosexuality.”

An Australian viewer pointed out that the discussion, which was broadcast around three o’clock in the morning, was offensive and went against the TV Industry Code of Practice.

Ten agreed, as the Code of Practice points out that a broadcast show “should not provoke or perpetuate intense dislike, serious contempt or severe ridicule against a person or group of persons on the grounds of age, colour, gender, national or ethnic origin, disability, race, religion or sexual preference.”

Ten pulled the show, which apparently is still on-air in some Australian regional channels and on PayTV’s Australian Christian Channel.

Kenneth Copeland’s Ministries have labeled Ten’s decision “religious discrimination” and is urging faithful followers to lobby the TV network.

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outdoornman2 said on the 5th Oct, 2010

woot! he looks like an ewok!


crazzymikey said on the 5th Oct, 2010

lets lobby against trash like this being shown anywhere in Australia!


Llokki said on the 5th Oct, 2010

The hypocrisy of these people never fails to amuse me. Glad the Ten network 'saw the light' so to speak.


Virgindirk said on the 5th Oct, 2010

religous discrimination???? they openly promote hatred against us (and our straight freinds) with thier homophobic preachings but when they are given the axe becauase of it they have the audacity to scream discrimation....these people really are fucked in the head.


TheOldie said on the 5th Oct, 2010

Oh I bet down the track we find he is a total bottom and gets rent boys to pound him into next week. All paid for on his Ministry account.


lexlindsay said on the 5th Oct, 2010

about bloody time!!
now, how do we get them to axe The Circle...?


ashtroboy said on the 5th Oct, 2010

lexlindsay: the circle are as gay friendly as they come.


ammonite said on the 5th Oct, 2010

Naughty Lion will be most upset -


Virgindirk said on the 5th Oct, 2010

whats wrong with the Circle lexlindsay? I was in the studio audience a few weeks ago....the ladies are pretty down to earth and really nice (and gay freindly)


moviefan84 said on the 5th Oct, 2010

Im glad they took this piece of filth, off air.


Spooky said on the 5th Oct, 2010

Geriatric Ken doll with his (just add botox) Mrs Brady wannabe wife; disapproves of the approval of the homosexual acts that are saving the planet from the “Super Size Me” overpopulation, over kill (Jesus is coming! Look busy?)
Ten/Ten/Ten (this Sunday) you waited too long!


blueterrace said on the 5th Oct, 2010

I guess he'll go on raising cash and spewing hate in a mega church/ex supermarket new you


jimjazz said on the 6th Oct, 2010

“Not only does God not approve homosexuality, it says he does not approve of those who approve homosexuality.” ha ha ha ha...that's funny. Good on channel ten. Power to the (gay) people!


andycol said on the 6th Oct, 2010

Well done Channel 10 ... good bye hopefully for good. His followers are not sane or sensible people. I guess he won't be getting as many donations now that his show has been axed ... how will he be able to keep up his lavish lifestyle provided by his brainless followers? Who cares ... hahahaha


pie141 said on the 7th Oct, 2010

I totally agree that this preacher is a maniac and is preaching a message that is not only outdated, but downright unhealthy (making our vulnerable GLBTIQ brothers and sisters feel guilty and suicidal about who they are should be made a criminal offense!). And whilst I wouldn't defend him EVER, I will say one thing for his followers (and other people within the church): Not every Christian holds the same views as him or other extremists.

Also, many people in the church are sheep, or are in denial about their own sexuality, or have been sheltered all their lives by overbearing communities and families. They don't know any different, and so they simply regurgitate the same stuff that is being put into them. The enemy we are fighting is not necessarily the people, it is their naivety and lack of education in regards to acceptance and GLBTIQ discourses.

Church leaders: You need to get yourselves into gear and start loving all people, the way that you profess Jesus does.

In saying that, check out the 100 REVS

This is a group of church leaders who have made a public stand (and apology) for the lack of acceptance towards the GLBTIQ community by the church.

There are my 2 cents!


rain said on the 15th Nov, 2010

god - for many years - in those times when i was younger i would have the TV on as background noise and get caught listening to this guy. i fucking hated him. i never really heard what he said, background noise, but it always made me feel sick. hell just typing this make me feel like puking.

thank god he was taken off. POWER TO THE QUEER PEOPLE!!!!!
but, who knows what other crap they will put on, heh, he always sounded like those grandpa types in porn. ewwwwww. i wouldn't be surprised if he was fucking a guy on the side if he has to sleep in the same bed as that woman. waaaaay to much botox. urgh.


badamj2000 said on the 15th Nov, 2010

If only we could get rid of rat bag extreme Muslim clerics with such ease?

poolboy jackson

poolboy jackson said on the 15th Nov, 2010

That US bible-basher was PAYING the TV channel to run the broadcasts


jjsouth said on the 19th Nov, 2010

God almighty. Look at his ugly bitch!


C3K5022 said on the 7th May, 2012

Great for commercial channel to finally do this, great that they also have the Graham Norton Show now lets see how many more follow