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Sydney fans seek Glambertkisses

It was naughty fun for Adam Lambert at his Glam Nation show in Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night as he got intimate with a fan in the front row.

After behaving himself during last week’s concert in Malaysia – where homosexuality is illegal – Glambert was keen to let his hair down in Oz.

Mid-way through his energetic live show, the singer hopped down into the crowd and looked around for a suitable fan to lip-lock with.

A young shirtless blond dude was eager to get close to the American Idol star, and the crowd cheered as they kissed while his mates jealously looked on.

Another young fan in the front row later told Same Same that he’d also been keen for a kiss. “He looked at me at the start of the show as I was cheering so I was hoping he’d see me when he was looking for kisses – I was right up at the front!”

But candid tweets from our favourite Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham during the concert suggest Glambert was hoping to suck face with him, too.

“Sorry Adam, I had a boyfriend… didn’t mean to be rude,” Mitcham tweeted after the singer’s attentions were rebuffed. “Adam’s concert is about love and having that special someone to share it with. Which I have. Sorry.”

Last night’s concert was fun for hundreds of Lambert fans, many of them dressed in glam outfits, with glitter and makeup. The singer treated the crowd to all the songs from his debut album For Your Entertainment as well as covering Placebo’s 20th Century Boy for the encore.

The show’s star was later seen partying upstairs at gay hotspot Stonewall on Oxford Street.

Lambert now heads to Brisbane for Friday’s show at The Tivoli.

Check out Same Same’s gallery of images from his Sydney concert here.

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Zakalwe said on the 21st Oct, 2010

Sounds like a great concert!

And just to be pedantic "20th Century Boy" was by T-Rex, which Placebo covered for the movie Velvet Goldmine. :-)


crazzymikey said on the 21st Oct, 2010

He was amazing!
He didn't do one song from the album which was strange as it was one of the better ones on it.


danza101 said on the 21st Oct, 2010

so jealous that i didnt get to go


BoneIdol said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

He looks like a lesbian lol


Light-Bearer said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

It's nice that Clover Moore is so gracious with her fans


Totka said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

^That made me wet myself!


Light-Bearer said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

I'm a fucking laugh a minute


Grumpy said on the 22nd Oct, 2010

What's a f*cking Glambert Kiss?