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Hit show seeks gay couples

When the hit Channel Seven series Four Weddings comes back in 2011 they won’t just be looking for straight couples for the show.

The producers are officially putting the call out to gay, lesbian, bi and queer couples who are planning a ceremony in 2011 to get involved.

Hosted by entertainment personality Fifi Box, Four Weddings traditionally follows four Aussie ‘brides’ on their big day, and aims to find out what happens when they score each others weddings in each of four categories; the dress, ceremony, food and the reception.

The Four Wedding’s production team have just started casting on the new series and they are particularly keen to feature a gay couple in 2011, despite the fact that such unions are not legally binding yet in Australia.

“We understand that Same Sex marriages aren’t legal in Australia,” said producer Kym Slaby, “but we hope that the presence of same sex couples in the show will highlight the issues surrounding the lack of equality, and in turn also celebrate those unions and show that all love is equal.”

The production team is looking for any 2011 weddings but are currently concentrating on those that are set to take place between January and May for their first episodes.

In particular they are looking for gay and lesbian couples who are really proud of their union and want to put on a really great ceremony.

“We want to see all types of weddings, no matter how big or small the budget. So if your wedding has a theme, an interesting venue, or just something that sets you apart, then we want to hear from you.”

Those chosen to participate in the show will be up for the top prize of a 5 star luxury honeymoon. But an appearance on the show could have much greater implications.

A recent galaxy poll on same-sex marriage showed that the majority of Australians support same sex marriage equality. International incarnations of the show have featured gay couples with much success and positive outcomes, and producers feel that Australia is ready to have the same experience.

Four Weddings is made by Granada Media who have produced top rating hit shows for all the major Australian networks including Australia’s Next Top Model, Talkin’ Bout Your Generation, the Contender and Come Dine With Me.

Find out more about Four Weddings at the show’s website.

To find out more about getting involved on the next season of Four Weddings, contact Kym on 02 9383 4381 or email [email protected]

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ernesto_1 said on the 21st Dec, 2010

im going to find a man on grindr and get married next yr in canada. should be a good yr.


Brightside05 said on the 21st Dec, 2010

Until you cheat with his best man and then this happens.


faeriegoddess said on the 21st Dec, 2010

I wonder if they'd accept a polyamorous triple. *runs off to fill in application*

Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 21st Dec, 2010

From what producers have told me, yes, they are quite open to all relationships. Give it a shot!


badamj2000 said on the 22nd Dec, 2010

I plan to marry my horse. Would that be prime-time friendly?


Totka said on the 22nd Dec, 2010

How will it work if we can't get married? What will the other slappers have to compare it to?


badamj2000 said on the 22nd Dec, 2010

I simply cant abide "slappers".


Totka said on the 22nd Dec, 2010

As a word or as a life form?