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Peter Madden vs Alex Greenwich

Who would have thought daytime television could get so heated?

The notorious Christian Democratic Party candidate for the state seat of Sydney, Peter Madden joined National Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality and Same Same 25 recipient Alex Greenwich on Kerry-Anne’s programme this morning to discuss the social effects of legalising gay marriage.

Greenwich’s opening statement humanised the cause. “Many Australians grow up and we’re told to aspire to this great institution called marriage… and I guess I hope to be able to get married to the person I love in the country that I love.”

By not legalising gay marriage, society is perpetuating a form of discrimination, he added. “I don’t have a different driver’s licence because I am gay, but I have a different form of relationship recognition… [Gay marriage] will provide loving Australian couples with unquestionable legal protection which we currently don’t have.”

Not one to disappoint, a true-to-form Madden then spilled his hate-filled diatribe in the name of the Lord and under the guise of protecting children everywhere. Referring to the heterosexual population of Australia, he nonsensically stated “98% of the country, if indeed the legislation is passed, will actually lose their rights to determine what their children are taught in school.

“What’s actually happening is a raft of educational procedures, sex education, homosexual sex education, introduction of very explicit books into the education system at a time where children are very impressionable.

His homophobia heightened: “I’m talking about a global push for the normalisation of homosexuality!”

Greenwich then tried to bring the debate back on point. “Currently, there are children being raised by gay and lesbian parents. Those parents are not able to get married. By legalising marriage equality in Australia, it gives those families the protection, so it allows those kids to have two parents that are married.”

But Madden continued to shift the conversation into absurd territory. His comment was thunderous: “The temperament that is susceptible to homosexuality reduces from 16 to 21. Now I would say to the youth, ‘you are youth, we need to set boundaries until you are of an age…’ because children, although very intelligent don’t understand the consequences of their actions.”

Watch this morning’s full Peter Madden vs. Alex Greenwich debate here on the Channel Nine website.

If there is one thing that was proven with this debate is that there is next to no arguing with Madden. The man has a tenacious veracity for not allowing room for logic or facts in his diatribes.

High-profile LGBT Christian group spokesperson Anthony Venn-Brown is sick of it – he’s demanding Madden apologize for his statements against our communities. See his petition here.

If you too have recently discovered that you are sick of being straight, and have made the flippant choice to sign up to homosexuality, please let us know in the comment section below. Same Same would be happy to send you a welcome kit filled with great tips, tricks and recipes that any recent convert shouldn’t miss.

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tyson said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Really well written, thanks Kozi.


Johoanna said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

I grew up in a Baptist church where it is taught that being gay is evil. I came out last year (left the church 3 years ago now). I'm 38, out and proud.


genkij said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Can I get a serve of Equal rights on the side of my life ployise....


nickdisco said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Whats in the kit?

The real hero here is Kerri Anne, a few leading questions.....led madden to his crazier spiels.


Marc said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Dear Mr madden

In Australia, every third marriage ends in divorce;
About 29% of Australians never marry;
During the past two decades, Australians started to marry less and divorce more;
About one-third of children today are born outside the traditional marriage;
Men are more likely to die than to divorce (33.4% chance for a marriage to end in divorce, and 47% chance for a man to die while married); 
Women are more likely to divorce than to die (33.4% chance for a marriage to end in divorce, and 22% chance for a woman to die while married) - this is due to longer life expectancy for women;
Divorced people have a higher chance of re-marriage than those who are widowed - nearly half of divorced people re-marry;
The number of joint divorce applications increased in the last years;
About three-quarters of people who marry today lived with their partner for some time prior to marriage;
Divorced people who are in de-facto relationships are less likely to marry their partner than the ones who have never been married;
Married people are twice as likely to have children than the ones in de-facto relationships;
Most people aged 35-64 years have been in at least one live-in relationship (95%);
Marriages are now lasting longer before the divorce than 20 years ago (the median duration of marriage to divorce was 12.5 years in 2007 compared with 10.1 years in 1988);
The divorce rate in Australia per 1000 of population remains around the level of 2.5% (plus-minus 0.2%) since 1988, as well as the average number of children per divorce of 1.88;
Women file more divorce applications than men;
Most men divorce at the age 40-44, women at the age 35-39;
Most divorces in Australia are granted in New South Wales, followed by Victoria and Queensland;
According to the latest divorce statistics available, the divorce rate in Australia is on decline: after the peak divorce rate of 2.7% in 2001, it reached 2.3% in 2007 for 1,000 of residential population - the lowest since 1988.

Based on the data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (LIFETIME MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE TRENDS, COUPLES IN AUSTRALIA and Divorces, Australia)

All of this happens without the interference of 'the gays'.

Over the last twenty years, the proportion of divorces involving children under 18 years has been decreasing, although this decline has slowed in recent years. The proportion of divorces involving children was 49.3% in 2007. The number of children affected by divorce has also decreased from 48,396 in 2006 to 44,371 in 2007, and is similar to the number of children recorded over twenty years ago.

This also from the Commonwealth Australia Government.

All of this happened without the interference of 'The gays'.

My point Mr Madden is the gay communities cries to have equality in marriage has nothing to do with the effect it has on the Christian family model. Australians are doing the damage all by them selves already.

I am offended at your preposterous notion that equality for same sex attracted relationships challenges and will be the cause of the degeneration of family as we know it today.

Your claims are nothing more than attention grabbing statements and you must, MUST substantiate your claims.

The notion that same sex attracted people receiving the same legal rights currently bestowed on married and de-facto relationships should cause the 'great family travesty' is the most nonsensical and outrageous claim the Christian community and you in particular continue to foist apon the Australian public. And it is absurd.

If the Christian community believes the sanctity of marriage will be degenerated simply because the GLBT community want and deserves equality, then this should be seen as an inditement on Christians commitment to their ideals. Surely the Christians are capable of upholding their relationships when properly and securely founded on Christ's teachings. No amount of equality should shake those foundations.

In the end Mr Madden, your continual onslaught of the GLBT community is doing nothing more than proving your own fear, prejudice, and discrimination despite the words you use.

Finally, how about keeping to the point instead of suggesting that drugs, alcohol abuse, abortion, debauchery, and the plethora of social ills are a consequence of the GLBT communities desire for equality in relationships being recognised by law. All of Australia's social ills are in existence already, the GLBT community is still far from being free of the shackles the Christian doctrine has foisted apon a nation that is NOT Christian. As the scriptures say: "you shall know them by their fruits". Australia has not been a Christian nation for generations, at best we are a bunch of really decent people.


TheOldie said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Please will a guy come forward to say he has had sex with Madden. End of him.


Marc said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

I'll see what I can do, but if I were to entice him, with iPhone near by to take video evidence, after the deed I will most likely take my own life.....


TheOldie said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

dont worry

we will console you , scrub your body with the strongest bleach , then hold you up on our shoulders as a hero :)


JarrodJ said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

As I said on Facebook, it's quite ironic to see a Christian dismiss something with the argument of "there is absolutely no evidence for that!"


Phazz said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Peter Madden has a bit of meth face


Spooky said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Religious hypocrite uses mass media to perpetuate lies and incite hatred against a group that’s natural existence is to stabilise the dangerous, destructive, unnatural and unnecessary over population of planet Earth.


crazzymikey said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

sorry love but trying to equate our existence as population control is offensive. There are many gays who have children now and that will increase in the future.


Spooky said on the 2nd Mar, 2011

Don’t be sorry Crazzy Mikey and all due respect to Gay Parents and your self. But extremism breeds extremism and as long as we have Kill the Gay’s bill in Uganda, God Hates Fags in the US and people like Peter Madden telling me I have made conscious lifestyle choice to be Gay I am sticking to my argument. The writing is on the wall!


Barrin said on the 3rd Mar, 2011

Alex Greenwich starts off by saying: “Many Australians grow up and we’re told to aspire to this great institution called marriage…"
What a thoughtless exaggeration. Most of us grow up in heterosexual households, therefore marriage is taken for granted. It's the religious and/or nutters like Madden who put marriage on a pedestal, so these lobbyists really ought to hone their tactics.
Then towards the end they both refer to the protection marriage provides. There's no explanation of what is meant by 'protection', but how is it that two people opposing each other end up making the same points?


xnerox said on the 3rd Mar, 2011

i've decided i'm sick of being straight, minge just doesn't do it for me anymore, could i....possibly get a dildo in that kit? and a letter head addressed to mr madden, telling him thankyou for letting me wait till i was old enough to understand the consequences of having sex with men?

...maddens an idiot.....clearly lol and its not like this is the first time we've heard of a christian bigot who won't shut the F up as a cover for when logic is brought up


Breko said on the 3rd Mar, 2011

Danny Clayton is organising a protest (to protest Peter Maddens protest Sat arvo) on Saturday morning at 11.30am Martin Place where straight guys and girls can gay kiss - GLBT welcome too :-)