Image for Gay ruggers on field with Waratahs

Gay ruggers on field withWaratahs

New South Wales’ rugby union greats the Waratahs had a little help in their training session today from the Sydney Convicts gay rugby team, Same Same can reveal.

Rugby legend John Eales and the NSW Rugby Union helped to organise this pre-season visit to the Waratahs, which promoted diversity in sport to the Waratahs players and also helped our harbour city’s all-out team learn more about preparing for a game.

“The Convicts were really excited to get an invite to a Waratahs training session where we were able to see how these elite players and coaches prepare at the top level,” says Sydney Convicts president David Whittaker.

“Waratahs leaders like Phil Waugh, Dean Mumm and Al Baxter were great guys and genuinely interested in the Convicts – we couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. Many had heard of the Convicts and strongly support one of the main objectives of the team, to enhance and support diversity in sport.”

The gay visiting team was given an opportunity to tell the players about the Convicts and their goal of enhancing diversity in sport and helping to raise awareness that gays and lesbians are everywhere, even on the rugby field, adds Whittaker.

“It’s awesome that the Sydney Convicts have so much support from NSW Rugby and the Australian Rugby Union. I think it really sends a strong message of acceptance, particularly to young people who play sports in our community.

“It was great to get a chance to meet some of the Waratahs and have a chat about rugby as we prepare for our own season which kicks off in early April. We have our first trial game this weekend on Saturday against Waverly.”

Convicts captain Steve Thorne agrees. “It was great to watch the boys in action right up close,” he smiles. “I was particularly pleased to meet Benn Robinson who, apart from being a brilliant rugby player is, let’s face it, pretty darn cute!

“From my perspective it was great to see how the captain of such a top grade team works with the players and directs them in exercises and drills. It was not only great to see them up close but it was an excellent learning opportunity.”

The Convicts are recruiting new players and there’s still time to join the club for the 2011 season. Find out more about the team here.

Image 1 – The formidable Waratahs pack

Image 2 – Left to Right – Kevin Perry (Convicts Flanker), Benn Robinson (Waratahs and Wallaby Prop), Aki Mizutani (Convicts Prop)

Image 3 – Left to Right – Kevin Perry (Sydney Convicts Flanker), Dean Mumm (Acting Waratahs Captain and Wallaby Lock), Aki Mizutani (Sydney Convicts Prop), Al Baxter (Waratahs and Wallaby Prop – most capped Wallaby forward playing today), David Whittaker (Sydney Convicts President)

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