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Supermum's date with the Queen

Same Same’s favourite campaigning supermum-to-a-gay-son Shelley Argent has had some super good news – she’ll be sipping cocktails with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip tomorrow night in Canberra.

Through her tireless work battling for gay marriage rights, she’s of course encountered loads of encouraging queens, but meeting Her Majesty will truly be an honour for the Brisbane mum, who says she’s “a bit of a royalist.”

“It’s a big thing for me, and I am excited,” Argent tells Same Same. “I was invited because of my Queensland Senior award, and my son James (pictured with Shelley) will attend with me.”

Argent had only just gotten back from a trip lobbying in Canberra when her royal cocktail function invite arrived, compelling her to return to the capital. “I couldn’t believe it. It was just too good to pass up,” she says.

So does Argent know what she’s say to Queen Liz? And whether she’ll curtsy? She laughs – “I don’t get hung up on that sort of thing. But I saw her meeting with the Prime Minister and Governor General on TV, and thinking that the women together was a great step forward showing how things have improved for women.

“And me getting invited tomorrow night as a marriage equality campaigner also shown how much things are changing in a good way.”

See the Queen’s arrival in Australia on the video below.

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