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WATCH: Madden's stand formarriage

We’d think notorious Christian campaigner Peter Madden’s latest video was simply laughable if it wasn’t so toxic.

The right-wing activist – who earlier this year ran for election in Sydney for the Christian Democrats with an anti-Mardi Gras policy and picked up very few votes – is now targeting the marriage equality debate as Christian groups fear its getting closer to becoming law.

In a weird video tour of central Sydney in which Madden visits the hospital’s Sexual Health Centre among several well-known city locations – and at one point almost gets hit by a bright yellow motorbike – the preacher is deeply concerned about Julia Gillard’s marriage policy. Who isn’t?

Is our ‘traditional’ man-woman marriage law really discriminatory, he ponders. “Let me ask you – is it discrimination that a brother can’t marry his sister, a father his daughter, a 12-year-old boy marry a 12-year-old girl, or God forbid, an animal lover marry his dog?”

Madden is drumming up support for a ‘Stand 4 Marriage Rally’ in Martin Place on the day of the ALP Annual Conference. However, his last rally, on Mardi Gras Parade night, attracted only a few dozen timid attendees who winced as he yelled at them through his loudhailer. Meanwhile, gay marriage advocates are expecting thousands of supporters from across Australia to join them in Hyde Park on the same day – Saturday December 3.

Discover the “gay lobby’s real agenda” as Peter Madden takes you on a ranty romp around central Sydney…

Peter Madden’s anti-gay antics have been so rotten this year that even has own brother has spoken out against his behaviour.

Young gay Christian Sydneysider Sam Grebert – a member of the Freedom 2 Be organisation, says he’s also troubled by Madden’s campaigning.

“I think it is easy to look at Peter Madden and simply laugh at his videos,” he tells Same Same. “But sadly, there are many closeted LGBT people in Churches across Australia watching these videos and feeling a sense of isolation, shame and fear.

“Whilst there are still a minority of conservative people like Peter Madden out there, the growing majority of Christians are supportive of equality for all people despite orientation, race, colour and gender – these people do embrace the true message of Jesus Christ: Love.”

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Lazzarus said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

He would be slightly more convincing if he tucked in that shirt and found a tie. Douche! -_-


chazharris said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

making young people feel like who they are is wrong and ultimately leading to suicide means he has blood on his hands.

Who gets to say what family values are? I know far more promiscuous or cheating straight married couples than gay couples in committed relationships, so what does that tell you? Marriage under the law and marriage according to religion are not the same thing.


Unknown_101 said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

I got a quarter way though and couldn't stand the amount of crap spewing out of his mouth.


isobelconnell said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

8 minutes of my life I'll never get back... Peter, time to find a new scapegoat!


ScOtTeEbB said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

Got two minutes into it and started making me feel sick with all the negative stuff that was being said. We are all the same... Let it be...


JarrodJ said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

"Homosexuals and lesbians", someone should tell him what "homosexual" means.

Nathan Sydney

Nathan Sydney said on the 23rd Nov, 2011

I must say I did laugh at this idiot.

His closing comments are priceless - save the children save the nation. I think children and the nation need saving from him.

He provides another great reason why we all need to lobby at the ALP conference 3 December

Angel Kisses

Angel Kisses said on the 24th Nov, 2011

Where does he get his so called facts from I wonder. I was under the option that those of us that do choose to marry, were wanting a make a commitment to our parnters with the intent that it would last a lifetime. Who wants to go into a marriage to not stay monogamous and with the intent to pursue other partners? Not many I'd say. He so wants to make us out to be a sexually vile lot who have no ability to control our sexual behaviour in a commited relationship. Thanks for clearing this up for me Peter Madden, as I thought it was about the same basic right to marry , commit and love my partner as any other straight couple can. Considers myself inlighten now that the way of a straight married couple is one of monogmony only........did you forget to say how many straight couples cheat on there marriage partner and arnt straight couples have so perfected marriage for only them....if you read between the lines it seems...I think not!


TheWalrusSaid said on the 26th Nov, 2011

I'm confused... as a lesbian does that mean I'm NOT a homosexual? 'Cause if it does imma have to have another chat to my family and friends.


Cj76 said on the 26th Nov, 2011 keep the pure sanctity of marriage; this hallowed institution should ONLY be entered into by two certified virgins who actively practice the christian faith.

I mean really, why should all these filthy atheist straight people be allowed to sully God's way for a man and a woman with their heathen ceremonies, not even overseen by a minister, but by a celebrant!! disgusting really isn't it Mr Madden. And to think our blessed Prime Minister is LIVING IN SIN with a man....she's probably not even a virgin.

Truly, what has this world come to?



Cj76 said on the 26th Nov, 2011

btw is this the same guy??

"THE Christian Democrats candidate challenging Clover Moore in the seat of Sydney is a former sex addict who's slept with dozens of women, including prostitutes.

Peter Madden said yesterday that, EVEN AFTER HE BECAME A CHRISTIAN PASTOR, he visited brothels and struggled with a pornography addiction."


AndrewDadson said on the 26th Nov, 2011

So does this man prefer to have children in orphanages around the world rather than having two Mums or two Dads as well!? Oh and I nearly forgot about that heterosexuals are allowed to get divorced too! Now does it not state in the bible that divorce isn't allowed!? >.<


Sep77 said on the 26th Nov, 2011

Homosexuals and lesbians. Much like heterosexuals and women.

Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 29th Nov, 2011

His ignorance and stupidity is so f**king repugnant.