Image for Peek at the ABC's gay geeks

Peek at the ABC's gay geeks

The ABC has announced the premiere date for its new gay sci-fi fan comedy series, and released a special 3-minute trailer to whet our appetites.

Outland will premiere on ABC1 at 9:30pm on Wednesday 8 February, it was confirmed this morning.

Filmed in Melbourne in 2010 and starring Christine Anu, Ben Gerrard, Paul Ireland, Adam Richard and Toby Truslove, the six-part comedy is all about a gay science fiction fan club and the lives, loves and never-ending dramas of its five members.

All are openly gay, but struggle with what society will make of their irrepressible sci-fi fandom. The show includes Anu in probably the most politically correct TV role ever seen on TV – as an Aboriginal lesbian in a wheelchair.

“Closeted science fiction fans will finally have a voice and that a full family of gay Australian characters can go where they never ventured before – primetime television,” says the show’s producer Laura Waters.

Take a look at the show’s official trailer below.

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MaggieB said on the 17th Jan, 2012

Why did the only lesbian have to be in a wheelchair?! Looks funny tho


Lazzarus said on the 17th Jan, 2012

An Aboriginal lesbian in a wheelchair, I guess that covers all the bases then doesn't it?


mervotron said on the 17th Jan, 2012

That Toby guy looks familiar...


papoose said on the 18th Jan, 2012

I'm looking forward to watching this show, but agree with Maggie ... what's with the one token dyke?


Irene said on the 18th Jan, 2012

Yeah - not impressed. Not all lesbians are disabled and aboriginal. How tokenistic is that!


JayTee said on the 19th Jan, 2012

can't stand christine anu. I'm purposely going to watch that other fat loss show just to spite her.


Domanik said on the 19th Jan, 2012

I would totally join their club


mikey_j89 said on the 19th Jan, 2012

Gay and a Sci-fi nerd, well better sign me up!


badtrany said on the 20th Jan, 2012

My kind of show but where is the tranny?

Raoul Duke

Raoul Duke said on the 22nd Jan, 2012

ok, major grrrr for the guy playing andy.