Image for Time to evolve now too, Julia!

Time to evolve now too, Julia!

Australia’s marriage equality advocates say President Barack Obama’s ‘evolved’ support for same-sex marriage today puts pressure on our leaders to do the same.

“If Barack Obama can support marriage equality in an election year, in a country where support for the issue is lower than in Australia, then our national leaders have no excuses,” says Australian Marriage Equality campaign director Rodney Croome.

“Australia is lagging behind other comparable countries and it’s time for our national leaders to catch up to their counterparts overseas.”

“We can’t underestimate the impact the US President’s support for marriage equality will have on the global campaign for equality,” adds fellow equality campaigner Alex Greenwich.

Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott personally oppose same-sex marriage.

President Obama joins UK Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as a supporter of marriage equality.

“What’s notable about Mr Obama’s support is that his mind has been changed by the everyday experience of same-sex partners and their families at his daughters’ school and in military service,” points out Croome.

“We call on Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott to also open their minds to the everyday experience of same-sex couples who share the same love, commitment, joys and sacrifices as other couples.”

Other countries that allow same-sex couples to marry include Canada, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, South Africa and several states in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

Pro-marriage equality protests are planned to take place around Australia this Saturday. Find details here.

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JoJaNa said on the 9th May, 2012

I think Julia will change her stance soon, but as Tony gains most of his support from the religious nut jobs I don't think he will see sense.


Irene said on the 10th May, 2012

I wish the other marches all the best, but I for one won't be attending the Melbourne one, as it's being organised by the nutter Ali Hogg - the same person who recently accosted Tony Abbott in a Carlton restaurant.


DavoJimbo said on the 10th May, 2012

doesn't really matter who is organizing it - what matters is that the vast majority of the participants be NORMAL gay people - and that the general public realizes it and that the press coverage has to reflect this.


Ruffnut said on the 10th May, 2012

What do NORMAL gay people look like DavoJimbo?

Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 10th May, 2012

Julia's not budging:


Marko said on the 10th May, 2012

Yeah Gillards basically said she won't support it. Stupid bitch that she is. She's an Atheist, so she has no religious reasons to oppose it.


Virgindirk said on the 10th May, 2012

I bet Julia Gillard has been dreading this moment. The moment when the worlds most powerful and influental world leader comfirms his support for gay marriage. Everytime the issue of marriage equality hits the headlines Julia always seems so quick to throw a bucket of cold water on the issue and tries to sweep any serious debate under the carpet and pretends nobody cares.

Well Julia, Barrack Obama sounds like he cares.

Hopefully Julia will take a good look in the mirror and realise how stale and backwards her stance on marriage equality is.


Zepol23 said on the 10th May, 2012

I dont know who she is trying to please by not believing in same-sex marriage, the christian conservatives hate her no matter what she does, whilst she continues to sideline the majority of her supporters. mole.


Wonderland said on the 10th May, 2012

Gillard's a closet lesbian, that's why.


mark_ said on the 12th May, 2012

:p the odds are in favour of Ali Hogg winning the upcoming SameSame25 Competition


wysi said on the 13th May, 2012

if Juliar can't even repeal carbon tax for the sake of the whole nation, how can she even 'evolve' on this gay marriage issue? she's devolving to the fossil era, not evolving!


petedaddy said on the 13th May, 2012

There will be no real progress in marriage equality until we have gotten rid of Gillard and Abbott.


DavoJimbo said on the 14th May, 2012

I am with you on this petedaddy - I don't think we have long to wait until Gillard is gone - but how to roll Abbott is another matter. One Gillard is gone, depending on her replacement, Abbott will not be polling nearly as well - and that alone might make for his downfall... we can only hope - He only polls well against Gillard because she is such a tosser, not because he is anything to write home about....