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Brisbane remembers PeterStapleton

Tributes are flowing in Brisbane’s gay community for Peter Stapleton, who died yesterday of a heart attack.

Stapleton was 47, and had also suffered a heart attack three years ago.

In recent years he’d had integral roles with Brisbane Pride and Brisbears, and was known for being quiet, yet mischievous. Stapleton was said to be a broad-minded peacemaker who was inclusive and who loved his community and family.

“Pete was with Brisbane Pride from the time of it being rebuilt,” says fellow Brisbane Pride stalwart Deeje Hancock. “Throughout that time, he was almost my second conscience. I could call any time day and night with difficult issues, and I could count on him 100% to give me clear, concise, unbiased ways to solve the problems according to.”

“Even in high pressure situations, he never lost his cool,” Hancock, the immediate past president of Brisbane Pride Festival, adds. “It might sound contradictory, but he was a load of fun in a quiet, understated way. He’s twice the gentlemen I could ever aspire to be.”

Stapleton was the current secretary of the Brisbears group, where “on the face of it, Peter seemed quiet and reserved but far more outgoing once he got to know you. He had so many facets to him; he didn’t fit any mould,” Brisbears’ Colin Micale remembers.

“He loved his family very much. He was so diverse professionally, jumping from landscaping into hairdressing. He was an amazing secretary for Brisbears – just so organised and had such a passion for the LGBTI community and wanting to bring people together.

“He was wicked and cheeky. Peter did it so well that he would slip in a very dry joke. Because you can misread him as shy and reserved, if you weren’t paying attention you’d miss his very mischievous sense of humour.”

Peter Stapleton’s brother Matthew says his whole family is touched by the kindness of the local LGBTI community. “We knew he embraced his community. Mum would brag about how much he had to do with various gay community groups,” he says.

“Even in the last weeks when people were moaning about Tony Abbott rising to the top, Peter sent a note to mum on Facebook saying life’s too short to be negative, and I’ll never be one of those people.”

The Stapletons are now in the initial stages of planning a memorial where “we will laugh, cry, drink and remember Peter.” Please contact Colin Micale from Brisbears for more information via the Brisbears Facebook page.

UPDATE 15 October 2013: This Friday 18 October there will be a Memorial Celebration at The Ascot Club (Hendra Bowls Club) at 25 Lethem Street, Hendra, at 11am. Everyone is welcome to come and share memories of Peter and celebrate his life.

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elisha88 said on the 13th Oct, 2013

What beautiful, sincere and so true a statement to reflect Peter's impact on our lives. Didn't know Peter for a long period of time, but saw how sincere and raw his love of this family reflected in his persona.

He was a 'gentle man', and his quiet personality with a quirky dry sense of humour quickly reigned in made him a person to warm to. His sincerity and compassion will be sadly missed by his work colleagues. I look forward to laughing, crying, drinking and remembering with a smile Peter Stapleton - sadly missed.


Iam35 said on the 14th Oct, 2013

It was very sad news to hear of Peters passing! I didn't know him long as I was only in Brisbears for a short period last year but in that short time I found that Peter was a very outgoing, nice, knowledgable and friendly person who would do anything for anyone! He will be missed by all who knew him deeply. God Bless you Peter and heres to a new and eternal life on the otherside. Trev

Kyle 857

Kyle 857 said on the 19th Oct, 2013

To Peter's many friends and relatives,I have not seen Peter for many years,however please accept my most sincere condolences,just far to young,so very sad. Yours truly Kyle Penhaligon