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Guys stripped for blackmailingbodybuilder

A Melbourne bodybuilder has pleaded guilty to 47 charges of blackmail after he posed as a woman to convince guys to strip and perform sex acts online, then threatened to make video footage of them public on gay websites.

23-year-old Shawn Rye (pictured) from Croydon even threatened to put pictures and videos of guys on their Facebook pages, alerting their friends and family to their sexploits if he didn’t receive hundreds of dollars from them.

The Age reports that Rye would pose as a “young and sexually available woman” and trick the guys – some local, some overseas in the UK, America and Canada – into stripping and masturbating, promising “she” would then do likewise.

Telling them he’d recorded video of the encounter, Rye would then demand between $100 to $500, saying he’d leak the footage if the money didn’t come through. It worked – he got almost $8,000 from various men before the police caught up with him.

He’ll be sentenced next week, and may face up to five years in jail.

A former youth champion bodybuilder, Rye was unemployed at the time of the incidents and said he needed the money to pay for the $300 worth of protein powder he drank each week.

Here he is ironically dressed as a cop…

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JesseMatheson said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Is it weird that I find this story kinda... hot?


Zepol23 said on the 14th Sep, 2012

why didnt he just strip on cam and make money that way?


DavoJimbo said on the 14th Sep, 2012

not too smart - but then again, body building/steroid using says it all.... I wonder how he will like posing as a female in prison? On the bright side he will be getting all the the protein he needs and it won't cost him $300 a week.


555Sean said on the 14th Sep, 2012

He'll be very popular in the tank then. lol
Silly boy.


local_warming said on the 14th Sep, 2012

I wonder if, as an added bonus, that he got off on fellas doing strip shows for him?


TheOldie said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Oh my

20 years of going to the gym and I never thought about THAT protein :D

wonder if its the same ?

and yep a pretty guy like that will be arse up for his whole stay


flounder said on the 14th Sep, 2012

Ive no doubt the sick fuck was jacking off watching them as well. Well he'll get his cum that even a fucking word, it sounds hot. :eek:


Light-Bearer said on the 14th Sep, 2012

But if a guy was doing this to women.

It would be creepy.


lloydy said on the 14th Sep, 2012

I just can't stop looking at TheOldies avatar. Funny as!


MrAsh said on the 14th Sep, 2012

What I want to know is why the guys stripped and jerked off for Mr Rye without asking him as her to appear on cam as well?

Also $300 a week for protein, my gluts! That guy must be on the cheater stuff for sure.


NATEE said on the 18th Sep, 2012

Why do I find this story funny? lol. As vain and superficial as this sounds with a body like that he could of done other things more appropriately. Poor fella aye.


ernesto_1 said on the 20th Sep, 2012

ashtina didn't u used to spend $300 a week on protein? :P


crazzymikey said on the 20th Sep, 2012

oh my he could have become a high end escort and cleared $1000 in an hour with one client - karma is a bitch and I am sure in prison he will have to pay it all back big time


azulmelb said on the 21st Sep, 2012

More info here:

"Rye would pretend to be a young and sexually available woman on webcams and called himself either 'Sam' or 'Melissa'.

He would play a pre-recorded video of a young woman to the men on his webcam and then urge them to strip naked and masturbate on a promise that 'she' would then strip naked.

When the men had performed the sexual acts, Rye would show a recording of what they had been doing on the computer screen.

He would then send a text message demanding that the men pay him money or the video recording would be released to family and friends via Facebook and other web pages."

Read more:


local_warming said on the 22nd Sep, 2012

^^^^15 months jail is nothing to be sneezed at - he certainly deserved it though