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First Legal Gay Adoption InAustralia

Remember the gay couple in WA who were deemed by authorities to be fit adoptive parents, but were still waiting for a birth mother to agree? Well, it looks like they’ve finally had their wish granted, which is not only good news for them, but for other gay couples wanting to do the same thing.

It’s being called ‘groundbreaking’ by the WA Attorney General, given that it’s Australia’s first legal adoption by a gay couple. A spokesperson from the Department of Child Protection’s Accommodation and Care Services said that the biological parents were fully involved in the selection process.

It comes off the back of John Howard’s comments last week when on radio he re-iterated his beliefs that both a mother and a father gives children the best opportunity in life. “I know for some that sounds harsh, I don’t think it’s harsh, I think it’s something that most people believe is the desired, the ideal outcome.”