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Over dinner, MP tells ofpartner's journey

WA Labor senator Louise Pratt isn’t too well known nationally, but after this week’s episode of the ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet, that won’t be the case.

Each week on the show, political journalist Annabel Crabb (pictured above right with Pratt on the left) invites herself to an MP’s home, offering dessert in exchange for dinner.

Sitting down for Pratt’s entree of scallop fritters before moving on to crab linguine with handmade pasta, the pair chat about a topic the MP is passionate about – law reform for LGBT equality.

An out lesbian, the Senator talks about the deeply personal journey she has taken with her transgender partner, and what it means to be part of a political party she is trying to coax into a far more inclusive future.

Same Same got a sneak peek at the episode and while her partner Aram doesn’t appear on screen – it’s just Annabel having dinner with Louise – there’s a moment when they look at a picture of the couple and discuss the ‘transition period’ the couple supported each other through.

Annabel Crabb sits down for dinner with Louise Pratt on Kitchen Cabinet, broadcast on ABC2 this Wednesday, 7 November at 9.30pm.

Pratt is best known to Same Same readers from her memorable and emotional speech in the Senate during the debate on marriage equality in September.

She was personally affected by the current Marriage Act’s restrictions about gender, she pointed out. “I am one of those thousands of Australian citizens who know that the laws of our nation hold our capacity for love the commitment to be lesser because of the gender of our partner.”

Pratt’s speech is shown in full below.

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Rod Butler

Rod Butler said on the 6th Nov, 2012

Both of you deserve respect for opening up your home and lives.
Another step forward.
Thank you!

Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 7th Nov, 2012

In case you missed it, the program is now available on iView here:


mark_ said on the 8th Nov, 2012

Did they say anything interesting?

I watched all of Joe Hockey but got a bit gripey and turned off during the Bronwyn Bishop.

Who else has opened their home and lives for us?