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WATCH: It's Not About The Sex

Formally known as Anna Guy, this Sydney-based transman is filming his transition as he becomes the person he always knew he was – Andy Guy.

Andy feels he exists in this life simply to be a paradox and says he finds much humour, quirkiness, sadness and pain in this gender journey.

His transition from Anna to Andy is shown in photos from left to right below.

He’s launching the trailer of his feature documentary, titled It’s Not About The Sex this month to raise awareness of transgender issues ahead of the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th.

Andy is also raising money via a page on Pozible, and would appreciate your generous support. “I need to raise a final $60,000 for the gender reassignment surgery which is currently not provided by the Australia medical profession nor supported by Medicare or any private health insurance company,” he explains.

“As well as the final stage to an improved quality of life, this is also for the documentary to reach completion and be available as an awareness resource for corporate entities, government departments, medical institutions and schools.”

Watch the trailer for Andy Guy’s film below, and find out more about the project on his Pozible page here.

Andy’s video trailer is released as specialists in gender variance across Australia note a sudden increase in transgender people accessing their services.

One medical specialist in Queensland has labeled it a ‘trans-tsunami’, and says it may be a response to the popularity and openness of ABC doco My Transexual Summer, plus several prominent transgender people gaining a following through sharing their stories on YouTube and elsewhere.

But when transgender people come out to their GP, psychologist or other allied health professional, they are particularly vulnerable, warns Queensland psychologist Paul Martin, who has been specialising in the area of gender variance for over 25 years.

“They will often be faced with the professional not having adequate training for dealing with trans issues and referring them on, which may not be appropriate,” he notes.

“The other issue may be that the professional is misinformed and considers gender variance a disorder. Research indicates that an alarming rate of up to 25% of transgender people seeking surgical gender reassignment attempt suicide so well informed care is essential.

“When it comes to gender diversity, our society is about twenty years behind the levels of understanding of gays and lesbians, which is quite dangerous.”

A training program called ‘Understanding Gender Diversity’ has been announced today to provide mental and allied health professionals with an understanding of gender variance to help “plug the knowledge gap.”

Find out more about the Understanding Gender Program here.

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Sexycoffeeguy said on the 7th Nov, 2012

I can't wait to see this!


eddie said on the 8th Nov, 2012

I will see this, as I wish to know more, so I can help some people I know far better than what I am at this time.


Domanik said on the 8th Nov, 2012

How awesome. I think I met him somewhere but my memory is like a sieve ...


Jake_89 said on the 9th Nov, 2012

This looks amazing - I'm really looking forward to seeing this!


Vega said on the 13th Nov, 2012

Fantastic dude. We need more cool folks like out and visible. Yep we're about 20 years behind, but we're starting to get a voice. Also, it's Trans Man, not transman. You don't say Chinesewoman. :-)