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Benjamin wins Big Brother &pops the question!

In an emotional and exciting evening of television last night, Benjamin Norris took the trifecta as he won the hearts of the Australian public, the cash prize from Big Brother and his partner’s promise of marriage in a show we won’t soon forget.

While Americans were voting in the presidential elections, Australians were voting to see whether Benjamin, Layla or Estelle would be the winner of our local version of Big Brother, winning $250,000.

Melbourne’s Benjamin Norris became the first gay contestant to win the show, flying to victory with 40 percent of the over 400,000 votes which were cast to decide the champion.

After the announcement of his victory he was left alone in the house for a few minutes, alternating between tears and laughter as he waited to leave the Dreamworld home that had been his wild ride for the past three months.

Then it was his moment. Upon exiting the Big Brother house, Benjamin was soon reunited with his partner Ben Williams and took the opportunity to get down on one knee and popped the question. His mother cried and the audience screamed and cheered. Benjamin had said he had always planned to publicly express his love for Ben, and that he’d been planning on proposing to Williams even before he entered the house.

“I thought it doesn’t matter if I’m evicted in one week, I just want to be able to say in front of everyone in Australia that I love this person more than anything.”

See the clip of Ben proposing below.

While this has elevated the couple into the forefront of the marriage equality debate that rages through our country, Benjamin had been very clear early in the competition that he wasn’t trying to champion marriage equality:

“I’ve gone on a journey like most Australians discussing homosexuality,” he told the housemates early on in the show, explaining that his perspective as a gay person had gone from not supporting same-sex marriage to now understanding that people want to marry and for it to be recognised. “But,” he added, “I just feel like, is it on the grand scale of things, as important as some other issues?”

A few weeks ago we chatted with Benjamin’s now-fiancé Ben Williams about what it was like being on the other side of the Big Brother house and what the public reaction had been like.

“A mother let me know watching Ben on TV has been a perfect way to teach her children that people love each other in many different ways and anyone can be together,” he told us.

“I think it’s huge that children watch this family-friendly show, and watched Ben’s emotions when he got my message then see that it is just normal.”

You can read our interview here.

From all of us at Same Same, congratulations to the Benjamites on their upcoming nuptials!

See Ben’s reaction to winning Big Brother 2012 below.

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 8th Nov, 2012

AMAZING to see this last night. I love this show. Well done Ben and Ben - B1 and B2 LOL. x


NATEE said on the 8th Nov, 2012

I did not get a chance to watch it. Although congratulations to them both well done :)

Justin Seputra

Justin Seputra said on the 8th Nov, 2012

This made me cry a little D=


youngdude88 said on the 8th Nov, 2012

This was a perfect ending! I was literally screaming at the TV. Congrats Bens!


badamj2000 said on the 8th Nov, 2012

I hope Ben isn't just after his money. I had completely forgot about this show. I did start watching it, and knew then Ben was a gayer, but i never liked him he seemed such a mercenary bitch to be frank and lost interest. Im glad that annoying English girl didn't win.


snowy2006 said on the 8th Nov, 2012

I would like to congratulations Ben & Ben -:)


Yepppp said on the 8th Nov, 2012

wow this very cool, Times are changing!!!!


alfchuah said on the 8th Nov, 2012

A nice touch to the victories to gay rights in the US. I wasn't even aware that BB was having its finale given the US election. The timing couldn't have been better - now suck on that Gillard.


petersj said on the 8th Nov, 2012

I HATE Big Brother BUT I LOVE THIS. What a charming young man .


xtacee1990 said on the 9th Nov, 2012

I hate this guy. he's such a manipulative mean freak. And all my friends think the same.


Zepol23 said on the 9th Nov, 2012

mean freak? ben was the funniest and most honest one on that show thankgod he won.


Irene said on the 10th Nov, 2012

What a lousy friggin prize! $250k.
With an average viewing audience of over 1 million per night, think what the advertising revenue would have brought in!
Add in all the voting at a minimum of 55c a vote.
The producers would have made an absolute mint.
$250k is nothing these days - a mere deposit on a house.

Nevertheless, congratulations Ben, and boooooooooooo to channel 9.