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Dykes On Bikes - All In TheName Of Charity

We all know the Dykes On Bikes as the ladies who kick off the annual Mardi Gras in Sydney, but how many of us are aware of the charity work that they do behind the scenes? Money raised used to go out to charities as a cheque in the mail, but this year they’ve decided to do what they do best – get on their bikes and go deliver the goods in person.

It’s all happening this Sunday, June 24 – they’ll be visiting Pink Ribbon Ride for Breast Cancer Research, Monica’s Doggie Rescue, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service and The Luncheon Club. All in all they’ve raised $5000, which is brilliant news.

The President of Dykes on Bikes, Lisa Usher, says she is looking forward to a good turnout despite the weather. “The members are always more than happy to donate their time and money to our chosen charities and I hope they will all come out and see exactly where their money goes. This is the first time I know of where we have actually invited the rest of the club to come along and I hope that it becomes a regular event.”

So there you go – yet another reason to love the Dykes On Bikes.

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Tomas Finnerty

Tomas Finnerty said on the 25th Jun, 2007

Good on you girls! You're the magic of Mardi Gras and more...