Image for KFC's wifi blocks "sexual orientation" sites

KFC's wifi blocks "sexualorientation" sites

Kentucky Fried Censorship? Gay fans of fried chicken are getting stern ‘blocked’ messages when trying to access Same Same and other LGBT-related websites through KFC’s free in store wifi service.

“Warning! Accessing this website is NOT allowed,” says the message which appears when trying to see our pages.

“You attempted to access This is a known ‘Sexual Orientation’ web site which is blocked by your web content filtering policy.”

Charming! The message also shows up when trying to access and several other gay media and information sites. None of the sites involved contain graphic sexual imagery of any kind.

Same Same was alerted to the situation via twitter last week. “Trying to access your site from KFC wifi and it days I can’t because of ‘sexual orientation’,” typed one of our followers, leading to a flurry of concerned tweets when we retweeted his message.

“Way to go with the discrimination you imbeciles,” ranted one. “Since when ‘sexual orientation’ is an appropriate ground for censorship in Australia?” pointed out another.

Later visiting a KFC restaurant ourselves, as we sipped our Golden Gaytime Krusher shake, we were disappointed to find the ‘sexual orientation’ filtering issue was ongoing.

“There will always be the chance that sites are incorrectly blocked.”

So we approached KFC for clarification, and a spokesperson quickly replied to our concerns.

“Cheers for bringing this to our attention,” came KFC’s reply.

“We were not aware you couldn’t access your site from our free wi-fi.

“We do provide free wi-fi in a number of our stores as a convenience for our customers. As I am sure you can understand we have an obligation to ensure that this service is as safe, secure and non-discriminatory as possible for all customers, and to do so we utilise the services of an industry leading content filtering provider (Norton as can be seen from the screenshots).

“Given the vast amount of websites and categories that exist, there will always be the chance that sites are incorrectly blocked, and when this is brought to our attention we will pass this onto the provider for corrective action,” explained KFC.

“In this case we have already passed on the sites mentioned so they can be actioned ASAP to get unblocked – all good hopefully.”

Yes, all good hopefully. Thanks to those who pointed this Kentucky Fried Content-Blocking. If you have any concerns about other internet services filtering out LGBTI news and information sites, please let us know with a comment below, via email hello (at), or on twitter @samesame.

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nerd said on the 9th Apr, 2013

What a non-story.

Such wifi software commonly blocks sites that use sexuality keywords, by default.

Its easier for them to unblock as they go.

Not sure KFC deserved the Murdoch style splash. Maybe focus on their battery farming if you want a real issue?


AndySKOB said on the 9th Apr, 2013

I'm very glad for this story. Again another example of gay=bad. It would've taken 30 min to an hour to ensure LGBT news sites etc wouldn't be blocked. I had the same issue at work when I tried to look up a gay friendly tradie and was told the site was block. It was then unblocked but had to explain to my co-workers this is not a once-off, every day we have to keep fighting that gay on a site doesn't mean porn.

What is great, is KFCs response! Well done.


nerd said on the 10th Apr, 2013

@AndySKOB No I doubt they'd of checked any sexually orientated site was blocked, gay or otherwise.

It's not a gay targeting story like SS wants us to feel.


JayTee said on the 10th Apr, 2013

Yeah it is targeting gay sites.

Queerscreen - a glbt film festival organisation is blocked too. It's not porn - but somehow "gay" is automatically labelled as porn.

I'm wondering if breast cancer support networks have the same problem.


Irene said on the 11th Apr, 2013

Sounds like Nortons may be to blame, rather than KFC?


nerd said on the 11th Apr, 2013


It's targeting sexual focused sites. In that sense it is indiscriminate, and we are not victims here, as much as this article and headline wants us to feel that way.


JayTee said on the 11th Apr, 2013

Breast cancer is a sexual?

A gay & lesbian film festival is sexual?

Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 12th Apr, 2013

Interesting to see HuffPost run this story. I thought they'd be more likely to go for the rainbow crossing story this week.