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WATCH: The hidden side ofsurfing

“The spirit of surfing is freedom – yet many surfers don’t feel so free.”

That’s according to a new documentary currently in production, including interviews with gay and lesbian surfers both here and overseas.

Called Out in the Line-Up, it’s due for release this summer, and challenges the stereotypes of the blue-eyed, blond-haired, white male and the bikini-clad surfer girl seen in marketing of surfing culture.

“Out in the Line-Up takes you on a global journey to meet gay surfers such as 3-time world champion Cori Schumacher, ex- US pro surfer Robbins Thompson, ex New South Wales state champion David Wakefield, and many more,” says the film’s co-producer Thomas Castets.

“Hear their stories of the struggle for acceptance – from their friends and families, other surfers – and themselves.”

Through the telling of personal stories, the film aims to shed light on how surf culture is changing and what more needs to be done for it to become more open.

A three-minute trailer for the film is shown below. It’s still in production and your financial support could help – find details here on its official website.

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Little Gay Blog

Little Gay Blog said on the 6th May, 2013

This is really insightful. I always assumed (incorrectly as I can now see) that surfing, and surfers, were really laid back and carefree in regards to gay acceptance. Hopefully work like this will make it become more open for everyone in the sport.


zebra23 said on the 14th May, 2013

The surfing community has traditionally been one of the most conservative sections of society for as long as I can remember. It's such a paradox...they wear dreadlocks and smoke dope and think they're really cool and living an alternative lifestyle...a bit like hippies of the water if you will...but...mention homosexuality and the ridicule and abuse is unbelievable.

Ah yeah, those surfers are one with nature and free and easy....except when it come to gay sexuality...pathetic. I know...I grew up on the beaches...and they thought life-saving was the last bastion of homophobia. Surfers have nothin on them.