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WATCH: The Ballet Men

“You have to be powerful. It’s an aesthetic art form. You have to be able to make beautiful lines.”

The Australian Ballet’s latest short video doco reveals the highs and lows of being a male ballet dancer, and show off some beautiful techniques.

“The most captivating dancers to watch ā€“ male or female ā€“ you can just tell that they love every minute of it.”

Adam Bull, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson, Cameron Hunter and Cristiano Martino star in the video, sharing their triumphs along with acknowledging the injuries and the pain behind athletic male dancing.

Local ballet has gone from strength to strength in recent years. “This is something of a golden age at The Australian Ballet,” noted the Herald Sun recently. “There’s not much it can’t do, and can’t do breathtakingly well.”

“The power, strength and confidence these men have is amazing,” reacts Kerry on the Australian Ballet’s Facebook page. “It’s the reason my son will be starting dance (ballet and jazz) next year.”

Watch the stunning Ballet Men video below.

See more on the Australian Ballet’s YouTube channel here and get the latest ballet news via The Australian Ballet website.

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Lachness said on the 9th May, 2013

While I often love the music, I can't get into the dancing.