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Image for Glory Box Lucky 13 @ Arts Centre Melbourne

Glory Box Lucky 13 @ ArtsCentre Melbourne

Spotlight in a hue of pink swings across the audience, as though it is an ode to the gender bending, queer or questioning content to follow. A hum of excitement is audibly present; it would appear the venue has brought attention of these works to a new vibrant audience – the anticipation is quite titillating.

“This is my house!” cries out from the lips of Moira Finucane and in that simple statement – it is, the house falls deafly silent, gives itself freely over and the evening begins.

Glory Box Lucky 13 is a tried and true formula, with a few moving parts in the shape of the fresh polished new talent. One can only assume talents like these have been accumulated while the artists themselves are mincing their way through the festival circuit across the globe and boy does Moira have an eye!

As a long-time lover of Finucane & Smith’s productions there were certainly a few familiar characters to reminisce. Reviewers will at times let the mind-blowing detail slip before you see the show however, I have long since learnt not to let the cat out of the bag. Guaranteed entertainment is assured, my evenings artistic line up included; Moira Finucane, Holly Durant, Rockie Stone, Azaria Universe, Kamahi Djordon King aka Constantina Bush “Princess of the North” and Rhonda Burchmore and the talent kept going.

One thread that appears to tie the acts together across all performers, is a stage presence that captures the imagination, a way of play within the gaps of activity – it’s the moments of silence or lights out that set up the full body experiences of shock and awe. It’s in the eyes, like that of the Mona Lisa, they captivate and follow you.

Desire to keep not question your underlying politics? – certainly not the show for you. Maybe you’re curious that your societal expectations of feminine or sexy should be challenged, I never knew the “pop’ of a balloon could excite me, better yet squirm as the drip of blood red stains over a white gown or thrashings of the most abundant body hair.

If you dare to buy a ticket, prepare for your boundaries to not just be pushed or stretched but torn apart it a frenzied attack on each one of your senses. Insight; it’s a real ride, my internal monologue on leaving a Finucane & Smith show goes something along the lines of “now – breath”.

Catch Glory Box Lucky 13 until January 29th at Arts Centre Melbourne.


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