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Gabriel is the new feature film by Aussie director Shane Abbess, whose credits include a plethora of short films, as well as three filmclips for gay rock sensation iOTA. “This was always going to be a tough film to make,” Shane told the audience before the curtain was raised. He must be one tough son of a gun because this movie totally rocked my world.

Gabriel is set in purgatory, between heaven and hell. The fallen angels have taken control, running brothels, drugs and all manner of typical vile and devilish behaviour. The evil Sammael (Dwaine Stevenson) and his horde of fallen angels have been cleaning house and have destroyed most of the arch angels, preventing them from bringing light back to purgatory – all except for one.

Enter the dashing hero Gabriel, played by the gorgeous Andy Whitfield, who sets about saving all from tyranny. Gabriel is the last surviving arch angel and he means business! He’s also hot to boot – as is the beautiful Samantha Noble who plays Jade the wingless arch angel forced into a life as a whore amongst the scum of purgatory.

This film is a visual feast – like nothing I’ve seen from an Australian film. The effects, lighting and camera angles perfectly evoke the oppressive gloom and doom – it’s totally immersive. The pace of the film is slow to begin with, however it’s far from boring – the characters are nicely set up for the story that follows.

It doesn’t take too long for the carnage to begin. The brooding soundtrack mixed in with pulsating punches, cracks, smashes and explosions really punch you in the face and the visual effects shake violently. Watching each characters eyes change color as they used their powers didn’t get old for me, especially when Gabriel’s eyes turn deep blue – gawd, talk about getting hot and flustered.

I was initially skeptical about this film, as so many other high budget movies like this fail to deliver. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself totally engrossed in the story and to find that the visual effects weren’t overkill. Gabriel is your classic tale of good versus evil told with class, solid performances and loads of Aussie flair. If angels warring in purgatory sounds like your bag, well run along and see Gabriel – it is is truly something heavenly.

Gabriel screens in cinemas nationally from November 15 through Sony Pictures.

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DanM82 said on the 13th Nov, 2007

From the sounds of it, this will be great... I'll go along to see it.

Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor said on the 13th Nov, 2007

yeah, it looks great. and i love that it's australian...


GenesisInVain said on the 16th Nov, 2007

ooh i want to see this then!