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Billed as “An Unprecedented Theatrical Experience”, El’Circo commenced its new season at Slide last week and again brings a world of magic, fantasy and culinary delights to the Sydney scene.

I’d eaten at Slide for Claire’s Kitchen before, so I knew we were in for some good food but I didn’t know exactly what we were about to encounter. I also hadn’t seen El’Circo so didn’t really know what to expect there either. I’d heard it was a little bit like Cirque De Soleil, but that’s about it. All I can say about the entire experience really is “Book. Now.”

The food was absolutely amazing and can only be described as extreme activity food. Each of the nine courses served were visually stunning, completely engaging and tasted delicious to boot. No cutlery is used for any of the nine courses and you often find yourself eating what resemble science experiments. Served using an array of methods, there were solidified vodka cubes and celery foam served in a petri dish, a dessert that had to be injected with multiple syringes and I’m even told they sometimes serve soup in test tubes. At Slide they really encourage you to play with your food! The main course was eaten with a surgical-gloved hand and there was a cheese plate featuring 4 different mini meals – some hot, some cold and one frozen – all made with different types of cheese and every one a taste sensation. The inside-out cheese puff was so deliciously warm and moist that I became the same.

The entertainment, performances and atmosphere acted as the glue for the night and were created by Artistic Director Marc Kuzma, aka Claire De Lune. The performers appear without warning from all over the restaurant – some from the floor, some strutted in through the front door and I kept waiting for one to come over the mezzanine balcony. Sexy trapeze artists, hot boys with buns of steel wearing next to nothing and pole dancing to make your eyes and loins pop, all served to entertain in-between courses. Between the gorgeous Verushka Darling who acts as MC for the night and magician Adam Mada, every table was made to feel special and no-one was forgotten. I must add that the wait staff at Slide work together as one of the best teams I have ever witnessed in a restaurant. Working seamlessly together, they would glide through the restaurant ensuring each guest was looked after without a word uttered between them. The waiters were all spunky too, making the experience just that little bit more pleasurable.

El’Circo is the place to keep in mind when you’re looking for that special somewhere to take people, safe in the knowledge that it will blow their socks off. And with a total of 20 performers on the El’Circo books, heaps of different courses on rotation from the kitchen and more being developed all the time, you can be assured that every time you go, your interest will be captured and you’ll be affected by the magic all over again.

For more information, photo galleries, a sample of the luscious food and to get a sneak peek at the fantastic soundtrack, visit El Circo online by clicking here.

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Tim D

Tim D said on the 2nd Apr, 2008

Wow great review Dan, I really wanna go now!


Brad said on the 2nd Apr, 2008

sounds great. tim - perhaps a night out?


slide_sydney said on the 2nd Apr, 2008

yea you should come and experience my little el'circo timmy!


ishvari said on the 2nd Apr, 2008

that's great to hear they've launched their new season

I went a few months back - and would totally recommend it; the food, entertainment and service was all spot on. Then there was the added factor of the experience being something totally unique to any dinner we'd been to before; so interactive, funny, creative, entertaining, etc

My friends still talk about it now actually - they'll be happy to read this article too