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CD - Gabriella Cilmi - Ten

Gabriella Cilmi blew Australia and the world away with her debut single Sweet About Me and her unique rock flavoured debut album Lessons To Be Learned last year. This month she released her second album, Ten.

With it’s electronic infused, funky disco laden, soul diva inspired direction, Ten couldn’t be more different from Cilmi’s first album, but it still manages to retain her distinct style. It’s bold and mature, but it’s fun and funky too. The tracks featured on the album seem to be a rich melting pot of direct influences from disco divas like Donna Summer, to punk pop Blondie, UK bands like Morcheeba, and soul revivalists like Duffy and Amy Winehouse. The overall feel of Ten is disco, rock, electro and retro inspired, with a futuristic edge. It’s familiar but different, and quite a modern, sophisticated and likeable album.

Hearts Don’t Lie, which is the next single to be released by Cilmi is an inspired highlight. Sexy, fun, and anthemic, this song has hit written all over it.

Have a listen to ‘Heart’s Don’t Lie’ below:

Also joining the list of hit tracks from the album is Love Me Cos with it’s beautiful melody and retro sound. I love love love the slightly camp Superhot. I know you will too.

Defender is a gorgeous stripped back ballad, with gentle electronic overtones. Glue is another ballad with strong 80’s synth mixed with gospel elements, that is just beautiful.

The poppy and boppy Robots (about whether we would love better as robots), Britney Spears inspired Invisible Girl, Let Me Know , Superman are fun, likeable and well constructed tracks with some interesting lyrics.

The first single, On A Mission is probably my least favourite track on the new album. It’s kinda fun I suppose, but just reminds me of a disco jingle for a weight watchers commercial. Other tracks that didn’t quite make the Christmas card list include What If You Knew, and Boys, which just didn’t hit the mark for me.

The Australian release of the album includes a remix of Sweet About Me, which sadly isn’t that great. It’s just basically the song with a disco back beat. I don’t know about you, but I love the original, and the mix included on the album doesn’t add to the songs legacy and just reminds me how great the original is. You might feel differently.

Gabriella Cilmi is a talented young artist, who at just 18 years old is doing Australia proud on the international music scene. Her second album is a fantastic effort; Overall it’s a tasty, well produced and mature album that will translate well on both the airwaves and the stage. Ten is a very promising indication of the great things we can expect from this rising star.

Gabriella Cilmi’s second album ‘Ten’ is out now through Warner Music.

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