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Tori Amos – Night of Hunters

I’m not a huge Tori Amos fan so it was with some trepidation that I loaded her latest CD Night of Hunters into my player. Happily, I have been surprised by her latest offering.

What struck me immediately is the orchestral arrangement that introduces the songs and underpins each story she tells. True to form, there is some golden Amos in the tune Snowblind – it echoes her earlier songs and plays like a musical storm – a cacophony of orchestral booms and with an overlay of the delicate stylings of her timeless voice which has only grown stronger over time.

This album really captures the essence of Tori Amos. In places it’s a sad tale of life’s lament and in other tunes, very playful. She’s experimented with some Japanese sounds in tunes like Battle of Trees all of which is really interesting plus, the composition of each song is elegant in its execution. The title song Night of Hunters is a song that starts quietly and builds to a strong crescendo that leads the listener to an almost operatic experience; her voice is simply astonishing.

This is a beautiful album; it gently unfolds on the ears. Tori Amos is the consummate story teller and each song takes the listener on a journey of sublime lyrics and composition.

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