Image for This guide for the T is O-M-G!

This guide for the T is O-M-G!

It’s not an easy thing being transgender, especially for those still making sense of the world while entering adult responsibility.

Even with transgender icons dominating the headlines and making the community more visible than ever, for trans people figuring out who they are the process can be tiring and dull.

This is where Australia’s largest hub for LGBTQIA+ youth Minus18 comes in to launch their brand new resource guide, “OMG I’m Trans.”

The booklet starts where most youth get stuck; now that someone has figured out they’re trans what happens next?

From there on rests a treasure trove of information explaining what gender is, what’s involved in both physical and social transition, and even tips on how to play with your own look.

Further on is advice regarding school uniforms, coming out stories and profiles of inspiring people, featuring supermodel and transgender icon Andreja Pejic.

Most importantly, OMG I’m Trans is non-judgemental and dismisses the idea of trans youth needing to “pass” as cisgender, instead affirming their identities regardless of appearance.

Finally, to leave us all with the warm and fuzzies, the guide gives us the story of Ivy and her “Coming Out Party.”

From the book:

After I told Ruth, my mother (that I was a girl), she was just so happy that she wanted to throw a big party for me and celebrate it. At first I was a bit apprehensive. I didn’t want to be special or singled out. I wanted to be like every other girl,and every other girl doesn’t get a party for being who they are. But I eventually came around to it, realising it would be a bit of fun, and a way to celebrate with my family and friends.

If only we’d all had such enthusiastic parents.

With this kind of information in the world we can rest comfortably knowing that many of our youth have a starting point.

We can have hope for our kids, and they can have hope for themselves.

The more messages we put out that coming out as trans is not the end of the world, but only the beginning, the better.

You can read the ‘OMG I’m Trans’ booklet here on the Minus18 website.

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