Image for WATCH: Aussie comedians say 'It Gets Better'

WATCH: Aussie comedians say'It Gets Better'

A group of 16 Australian comedians have taken a break from the jokes to get serious about helping young Australians who are bullied or feel marginalised.

Together, these comedians have come together to create a video to spread the message that no matter how bad things can get, to trust and believe that life does get better.

Filmed during the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival, the six minute video below marks the start of National Youth Week. The comedians include: Wil Anderson, Anne Edmonds, Hannah Gadsby, Justin Hamilton, Geraldine Hickey, Peter Helliar, Claire Hooper, Tommy Little, Kate McLennan, Xavier Michelides, Lawrence Mooney, Rhys Nicholson, Wes Snelling, Matt Kelly, Dave Thornton and Asher Treleaven.

“We are so excited that the Australian comedy community have donated their time to come together to do an It Gets Better video,” says It Gets Better Australia’s National Director Jamison Parker.

“We appreciate these comedians sharing their stories and hope that their message brings some comfort to young Australians who are going through rough times in their lives.”

It Gets Better Australia is an official affiliate of the US based, “It Gets Better Project”, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon with over 25,000 user-created videos and with more than 40 million views, includes the support from well known celebrities such as President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Wynter Gordon and Kathy Griffin.

Take a look at what our local comedians have to say to young LGBT people below…

Learn more about It Gets Better Australia on its official website here.

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Light-Bearer said on the 16th Apr, 2012

I guess Josh Thomas has finally accepted the fact he is not a comedian


Virgindirk said on the 16th Apr, 2012

i was born in the same tassie town as hannah.


Ditto said on the 17th Apr, 2012

This really is wonderful. I love these videos so much.